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Le lait de chamelle contient de la lanoline qui favorise l'hydratation de la peau.

Sa richesse en vitamine C lui confère également des vertus antioxydantes.

La vitamine B dans le lait de chamelle a un effet protecteur contre les rayons UV.

Les acides aminés forment une barrière antimicrobienne efficace.

Les propriétés anti-inflammatoires du lait de chamelle soulagent les effet de l'eczéma.


Le lait de chamelle offre des effets réparateurs très intéressants pour la peau.

À l’image du lait d’ânesse ou du lait de jument, il est naturellement plus efficace pour deux raisons:

*il contient les molécules utiles en plus grand nombre.

*il est thermorésistant, ce qui lui permet de garder l’ensemble de ses qualités dans les préparations: savons et cosmétiques y compris.

Observations are presented on the effectiveness of camel milk in many parts of the body, explaining in each case which substance in cosmetics is responsible for the rehabilitation of the skin. “Cosmeceuticals” are made in a process that combines specialist knowledge of cosmetics with specialist knowledge of the properties of camel milk. Among the diseases cured by “cosmeceuticals” made from camel's milk, we find: acne, acne scars, dandruff, localized psoriasis and fungal infections (tinea pedis).


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Dry skin is often the most common cause of itchy and flaking dandruff. scalp oils and skin cells can build up, causing dandruff. (Mayoclinic, 2013) - A yeast-like fungus (malassezia) lives on the scalp of most healthy adults without
cause problems. But sometimes they get out of hand, feeding on the oils secreted by the hair follicles. Before using camel milk creams, care should be taken to ensure that the hands and skin site have been washed with camel milk soap.
Camel milk shampoos quickly restore healthy skin and hair. Skin oils are cleansed by camel milk and the antiviral and antifungal properties will prevent malassezia activity or any negative immune response.
the repairing substances of the cells will reintroduce a normal development of the hair.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Acne scars can feel like double punishment - you need to treat the pimples first, now you have reminder marks. (Goodman, 2006). Acne lesions or pimples occur when the hair follicles (or "pores") in the skin become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. A clogged follicle is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and create the red bumps and pus-filled red bumps called pimples.
Acne comes in many different forms: mild acne, which refers to the whiteheads or blackheads that most of us get at various times
Moderate acne, which includes inflamed red pimples called papules and red pimples with white centers called pustules Severe acne, which causes painful nodules - cysts or bumps filled with pus - to appear under the skin Papules and pustules are shed by skin repair mechanisms and bacteria are killed by camel milk Scars are repaired by cell repair properties of camel milk.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Open wounds and wounds of all sizes and origins are cleansed by protective proteins and wounds repaired by tissue repair mechanisms. This applies to atopic dermatitis and localized psoriasis where small active immunoglobulins are activated and the skin is scarred.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Creams are very effective against localized psoriasis (general psoriasis requires drinking camel milk). The effectiveness is due to the fact that the antibodies in the creams are active "on the spot" and in the tissue repair substances.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Tinea pedis is a fungal infection of the feet, most commonly affecting the spaces between the toes (interdigital spaces). It is transmitted by human-to-human contact in hot and humid environments, for example through shared towels and on damp floors in swimming pools, locker rooms and gyms. The antifungal properties of cosmeceuticals in camel milk quickly cure the fungus.
The small but effective specific immunoglobulins in camel milk are also found in cosmeceuticals.

This can be important for skin cancer because it is one of the most common cancers in the world. Non-melanoma skin cancer refers to a group of cancers that grow slowly in the upper layers of the skin. The term “non-melanoma” distinguishes these more common types of skin cancer from the less common skin cancer called melanoma, which spreads more quickly in the body.
The first sign of skin cancer other than melanoma is usually the appearance of a lump or patch on the skin that does not heal after a few weeks.

Camel milk cosmeceuticals can play an important role at this stage. Since the treatment of diabetes doubles the effectiveness of the skin cancer drug, camel milk-based cosmeceuticals may be effective on the skin.

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