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Formatrice, Coach certifiée, Psycho-praticienne et Conférencière et Cheffe d’entreprise

Trainer, Coach, Psychopractor and speaker, Manager in professional environment and business leader.

I have always been passionate about communication and I have discovered over the course of my career and my professional experiences, that one could apply simple psychological and behavioral techniques to be listened to, heard, followed and therefore to develop a form - personal to each - of charisma and leadership.

These daily experiences and discoveries at work and in life have taught me that there are no bad communicators: there are only people who ignore the "tools" specific to developing impactful communication.

Everyone can therefore learn to convince, motivate the people around them and give them a positive desire to flourish and progress at work and in life ...

I made communication my job. And I communicate in all possible ways:

  • through training (management, stress management, personal development, advice / sales, negotiation),

  • through the restitution of psycho-behavioral profiles (knowledge of oneself and others),

  • through coaching of managers and their employees for better team cohesion based on dynamic exchange.

  • Through the animation of sophrology and group relaxology sessions in a professional environment. A major preventive center of intervention on psychosocial risks, emotional competence and self-confidence.

My practice in Coaching and Psychotherapy Cabinet allowed me to develop a global approach of the person including, the physical, mental and emotional: Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, Sophrology, Naturopathy, EFT, Neurosciences applied to psychology

My essential: to allow everyone to express the best of themselves, whatever their environment, to always aim higher with a constantly renewed enthusiasm. "


Allow everyone to express the best of themselves in their professional environment, whatever their environment and their constraints.

Motivate people to always aim higher with constantly renewed enthusiasm and goodwill.

Create and consolidate win / win relationships between the Manager and his employees.

I explored, developed and designed winning action strategies in terms of Management, buying, selling, development, communication), training and coaching.

My professional career has allowed me to develop a great capacity to be able to unite and

frame the teams in assertiveness and what could be called "consensual firmness".


  • Management and leadership

  • Stress management

  • Project management

  • human resources management

  • Commercial performance

  • Assertiveness in the workplace

  • Personal efficiency

  • Relational efficiency

  • Oral communication and public speaking

Séminaire Patients +
Conférence sur la méthode psycho-comportementale Herrmann - MARION MONTIGNIES - CABINET RESILIANGE
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