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chakra 1 Centre d'Hypnose thérapeutique by RésiliAnge

Guided meditation "I AM"

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Guided relaxation to stimulate the First Chakra for harmonious functioning.

Root or foundation

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

1) Harmonious functioning: Confidence in oneself and in life, physical vitality, stability, feeling of well-being, feeling of being anchored, feeling of being centered, sexually affectionate and in control of oneself.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

2) Dysharmonious functioning: thought and action focused on possession and material security or around the pleasures of the senses: good food, alcohol, sex, etc. A way of acting essentially oriented towards the satisfaction of one's own needs. Lack of letting go. Difficulty giving or receiving, aggressiveness, domineering, egotistical, sexually inhibited.

3) Dysfunction: when the root chakra is blocked or closed: relatively weak body constitution, little physical and psychological resistance, insecurity, instability, lack of confidence, depression, deficient willpower, decreased interest in sexuality, weakened feeling anchor. Person who pumps energy from others.


COCCYGIEN Chakra Located above the anus.

Materialist tendency.

Elimination function. Safety, Survival,

Primary emotions. Color: RED or BLACK


First energy center - Element Earth

Also called: Root Chakra - Base Chakra - Sacral Chakra

Perineal chakra - Muladhara chakra

Expression "I am" Red and / or Black


Concerned area: Survival / material necessities

Effects of the rebalancing of energy centers: Existential security. - Initial vital energy, confidence, relationship with the earth and the material world, stability, perseverance.

Affirmations: I am safe wherever I am - I accept my limits - Everything I need is available to me.

Element: land Terrestrial position: the Indian reserves of North America and their sacred lands; the sacred lands of all indigenous peoples.

Star: Saturn.

Angelic presence: Archangel Michael.

Metal: Lead, manganese.

Main stones: Ruby - Obsidian - Garnet - Hematite - Onyx - Black tourmaline



Aromas: Cedar - Clove - Myrrh - Patchouli, cinnamon, sandalwood, garlic and sage plant.

Note: Do.

Music: drum percussion.

Mythological animal: white elephant with 7 probes.

Glands: Adrenal glands, elimination system.

Area, associated organs: bones, skeleton.

Meaning: Smell.

Age of conception resonance: 7 years old.

Positive archetypes the mother: independent and responsible nurse.

Negative archetypes the victim: resignation, lack of energy and vital force.

Spiritual activity: notice the beauty and perfection of the natural world.

Lesson of the soul: Service.

Shape; red cube.

Position of the chakra: At the perineum inside the body, with a cone directed downwards (between anus and sex).


The 1st Chakra - Root Chakra - Muladhara

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The official name of this chakra, muladhara, comes from the words Mula, which means root and Dhara, which means support / support. We can therefore translate it as: what supports rooting. So, the role of this chakra is to connect all of your energy with the Earth, which is called grounding.

When you think of your root chakra, think of your daily survival here on earth. The role of this energy center is to give you everything you need to survive. For us in the modern age this usually translates into financial and emotional security.

Red color

Location: This chakra is located at the very base of your spine, near your tailbone. It rises to below your navel.

What a sense of balance: When your 1st chakra is balanced, you will experience a sense of accomplishment and peace when you think about things like money, security, and housing. You will feel connected to your human experience.

When this chakra is too active: Our root chakra is used a lot, so having an overactive chakra is very common.

When is your 1st chakra overactive?

An overly active root chakra will cause problems like anxiety and restlessness. It happens because fear is based on the need to survive. This is the role of fear: to keep us alive.

Thus, an overactive root chakra will cry out messages of survival, even when there is no real threat; thus, you will have anxiety problems. Physically, you could have the following symptoms:

  • digestive problems

  • back problems

  • hip pain

  • ovarian cysts in women

  • prostate problems in men.

How to balance your 1st chakra?

In practical terms, it's important to take care of your survival needs first. This chakra gives you the energy to do it, so use that energy to the best of your ability.

Then calm this chakra by focusing on your connection to the mind. Take the time each day to nourish your soul by praying, meditating, or connecting with spirit guides.

Volunteering and acts of kindness and compassion can guide overactive energy away from your root chakra and to other energy centers in your body.

When is the 1st chakra underactive?

While your survival needs have generally been taken care of, this chakra may not have been very active throughout your life.

If so, you may have frequent dreaming days, difficulty concentrating, or just feeling like your head is in the clouds. People say you are upset.

These questions may not seem important, but it is important to be balanced and connected.

Energize your 1st chakra.

If you find yourself disconnected from material existence, your 1st chakra may need to be invigorated.

You can do this by reconnecting to the earth while being in nature. Gardening, swimming, or even playing in the leaves can energize your root chakra. You can also, and I ask you not to shut yourself up, to hug the trees (you have inevitably already seen people do it while having judged them), go out and tread your lawn barefoot.

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