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Guided meditation "I LOVE"

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Guided relaxation to stimulate the Fourth Chakra for harmonious functioning.


1) Harmonious functioning: Compassion, helpfulness and natural warmth, desire to take care of others, development towards unconditional love. Joy of living, open, cordial, friendly, in touch with his feelings.


2) Dysharmonious functioning: Demanding, overly critical, possessive, moody, depressed, master of conditional love.


3) Dysfunction: Vulnerable, dependent on the love of others, sad, depressed, imbalance and depressive states, paranoia, indecision, desire to cling to objects or people, fear of rejection and need to be constantly reassured.



ANAHATA - Heart Chakra, located to the right of the heart.

Love - Compassion - Unity of Being.

Seat of the Spiritual Being. AIR element


Breathing function

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Fourth energy center - AIR element

Also called: Heart Chakra, Cardiac Chakra, Anahata chakra

"I like" Green or / and pink

Concerned domain: Love and relational life

Effects of the rebalancing of energy centers: Awareness of unconditional and total love towards oneself and towards others.

Affirmations: I forgive myself and I forgive you. - I am at peace with myself and with others. - I esteem myself and I esteem you.

Element: Air Terrestrial position: Spain Star: Venus, Sun.

Angelic presence: Archangel Raphael with Mary.

Metal: Copper and gold.

Main stones: Rose quartz - Emerald - Jade - Malachite

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Aroma: Rose - Bergamot - Lemon balm, carnation, lily of the valley. Plant: Rose, Carnation, Lily and Foxglove.

Note: Fa.

Music: Choral.

Mythological animal: Fallow deer.

Gland: Thymus, circulatory and immune system.

Area, associated organs: Heart and chest, lungs, circulation.

Meaning: Touch.

Age of resonance: 28 to 35 years old.

Positive archetypes: the lover is inherently good, changes life and helps those he touches.

Negative archetypes: Actor, he is a being who loves in a narrow way as he has been loved by judging and criticizing.

Spiritual activity: Learn to love yourself and then to love others, prayer, song, joyful effort, healing.

Lesson of the soul: Fraternity and Love.

Shape: crescent moon, green.

Chakra position: 3 to four fingers above the lower tip of the sternum.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The 4th chakra is the Heart chakra or Anahata, which translates to "not struck / untouchable / unharmed". This chakra is where your love, compassion, and kindness are strengthened.

It is not difficult to understand this chakra.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

We all associate our hearts with love, and that is exactly what the 4th chakra is. This includes love for others and love for yourself, which is why this chakra is also associated with health and healing.

Green color

Location: The heart chakra center is located just above your heart and it radiates up to your breastbone and down to your throat.

What a feeling of balance: When your 4th chakra is balanced, you are able to feel love for yourself and for others. Even when difficult things happen, you can still see the compassion and kindness in others.

When this chakra is too active.

When the heart chakra becomes overactive, we lose our personal boundaries and start making unhealthy choices, all in the name of love.

It's important to treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness that you give to others, but when the heart chakra is too active, you can always put the needs of others ahead of your own.

Symptoms include:

  • rapid heartbeat

  • palpitations

  • heartburn

  • interpersonal relationship problems.

How to balance your 4th chakra?

Balancing your 4th chakra means taking that love you have given to others and focusing some of it on yourself. You can do this by doing 1 thing each day that is right for you:

  • Take a relaxing bath

  • Treat yourself to a massage

  • Meditate on sending compassion to yourself

When this chakra is underactive.

Many people have an underactive 4th chakra. Life can send us a lot of heartache as a way of teaching us lessons about ourselves and the world around us. But it can be difficult not to take these lessons personally.

When your heart chakra is underactive, you will feel like it is difficult to get closer to someone.

It's like building a wall around your heart and not letting anyone in. Physically, you may feel disconnected from your body and suffer from circulation problems.

How to energize your 4th chakra?

Energizing your heart chakra can take a lot of work.

Many of us have worked hard to build our walls and defenses, and it is not always easy to tear them down. It all starts with love for yourself.

Show appreciation for yourself and give yourself the love you want others to give you. Then spread that compassion to those around you.

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